chris van beck  


javier rodriguez

posted: 2016-08-27

country: england

bio: born: 1953, in aberdeen, scotland. married, father, grandfather. lives in rochester, england. officially stopped being a civil servant in 2007. current status: immature artist. false modesty aside, tries to apply ba in photographic image, and ma in history and philosophy of art to properties of photography. art practice: experimental, conceptual; prefers chemical photography because thinks it is more interesting and enlightening to explore outside the filter of computer software.



KUNST space

Kindle, Unite, Nurture & Stimulate Thought.

the pictures are a response to one of the neighbouring pictures.



the artist who takes part in the project believes that they are honest, have an independent voice and internal belief that they have something vital to give humanity.



contact if you fulfil the criteria and wish to respond to an artist who has a black border on a page older than two weeks.