posted: 2016-11-17

country: england

bio: working as a collaborative duo, yeti operates between the thematic boundaries of painting, sculpture, digital and social media. existing primarily as an instagram account, yeti101_2016, yeti explores the language of the internet and popular culture through constructed posts and hashtags. positioned on the prevalent boundary of social media, a lightly facetious stance is adopted towards both the platform upon which the duo operate and the content of work explored. discovering the commonalities in the seemingly unrelated and juxtaposing these, yeti presents paradoxical subject matters from desire to the banal and identity to anonymity. whilst offering an alternative presentation of female identity, yeti sets out to explore the extent of the absurd and the affect of social media.


KUNST space

Kindle, Unite, Nurture & Stimulate Thought.

the pictures are a response to one of the neighbouring pictures.



the artist who takes part in the project believes that they are honest, have an independent voice and internal belief that they have something vital to give humanity.



contact if you fulfil the criteria and wish to respond to an artist who has a black border on a page older than two weeks.